Pure Crystal Body Deodorant Stones since 1988.

We are a German/Thai manufacturer and exporter and engage in B2B only.


Experts agree: Deodorant Crystal Stones Are The Best Body Deodorant In The World!

- Deodorant Stone protects 24 hrs against unwanted body odor.

- We don't add any synthetic fragrances to our body deodorants, because we want to ensure that your body deodorizer protection does not interfere with your personal choice of fragrance.

- The crystals are skin-friendly even to the most sensitive skin.

- Important: Our deodorant stones don't stain your clothing.

- And the best of all: The O.E.L. deodorant stones are pure: they contain just crystal water and alum-crystals.


We manufacture Crystal Deodorant Stones since 1988.

In 1991 the O.E.L. GROUP CO., LTD. was founded to serve the world wide community of health-conscious consumers.

We are B2B Manufacturer and Direct Exporter.

The O.E.L. GROUP CO., LTD. is a German-Thai joint venture.


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